Aromatte transcends the mundane to give life to extraordinary universes

Choosing a theme is opening the door to boundless imagination and limitless creativity.
Each of these events is a sensory adventure, a journey into ephemeral and captivating worlds.

Why create a theme

Aromate creates artistic alchemy, a fusion of stunning settings, captivating artists, and dedicated service staff. It’s a celebration of imagination, where reality bends to fleeting dreams, creating an unforgettable night for all those privileged to participate.

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The decors

Imagine a room transformed into a bewitching circus tent. The walls draped in striped fabrics, the dazzling chandeliers hanging like stars, create a magical atmosphere. The set tables transport guests into the effervescent world of the circus.

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The atmosphere

Maybe you prefer to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland with an unforgettable evening? Walls decorated with greenery emanate the atmosphere of the Jardin des Fleurs… You immerse yourself for an evening in a fantastic world, where the lights are subdued and the atmosphere is vibrant…

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The artists

The selected artists (jugglers, dancers, champagne lady, mixologists, etc.) are the masters of ceremonies, bringing the chosen theme to life. In a neon evening, dancers dressed in fluorescent outfits twirl under the glow of neon lights. At the Casino, skillful dealers guide guests through games of chance, adding a touch of suspense to the air.

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The staff

Our staff becomes the backbone of the event, ensuring a seamless experience. Dressed in costumes matching the theme, they become actors themselves, adding a theatrical dimension to the whole.

By bringing all these elements together, each event becomes an immersive experience.
Guests are not just spectators, but participants in a thematic adventure.
Whether it’s a quirky circus world, a decadent Gatsby party, or a neon night under the stars, every detail helps create indelible memories.


Some Themes