Terms and conditions

1. APPLICATION: These general conditions form the contract binding the parties, to the exclusion of conditions specific to the customer. No deviation from these general conditions will be permitted without the written agreement of AROMAT. The absence of implementation of a clause established in these general conditions cannot be interpreted as any waiver by AROMAT to take advantage of it. 2. OFFER – ORDER – MODIFICATIONS: Any offer from AROMAT must, to be valid, be the subject of a written stipulation on the part of AROMAT. AROMAT can only be considered bound by the offer provided that it has received the agreement of a person, legal or natural, who can validly bind the customer as to the terms of the offer issued and that the deposit requested has been paid by said customer. In any event, the prices contained in the offer are no longer valid if the offer has not been accepted by the customer within fifteen (15) days from the date mentioned in said offer. The offer excludes water, fluids and possible electricity supply and distribution costs. The offer is calculated for the number of participants in the service, as announced by the customer. Any modification occurring after acceptance of the offer by the customer must be sent to AROMAT, in writing, no later than fifteen (15) days before the start of the event, it being understood that AROMAT reserves the right, in this case , the right to modify, accordingly, said accepted offer. In particular, the customer undertakes to notify AROMAT, in writing, of any reduction or increase in the number of participants in the service, as announced by him. In the event of a reduction in the number of participants, notified less than fifteen (15) days before the start of the event, he agrees that the number of participants, having in the meantime given up, will be invoiced to him at 100% of the amount agreed upon when ordering. In the event of an increase in the number of participants, notified less than forty-eight (48) hours before the start of the event, he agrees that additional participants in the event will be billed at 125%. of the amount agreed upon when ordering. In the event that, without AROMAT having been notified under the conditions described above, the number of participants present was 20% greater than the number of participants announced, the customer accepts that the additional participants to the event will be invoiced at 150% of the amount agreed upon in the order, without prejudice to AROMAT’s right to refuse the additional service. Likewise, any change in the number of participants will result, de facto, in a modification of the price in relation to the distribution of fixed costs, such as personnel and materials. Finally, a possible increase in the price of raw materials, equipment or salaries, which occurs between the accepted offer and the execution of the related service, will automatically give rise to a readjustment of the prices which are only established subject to this reservation. expressly, without this increase however exceeding 25% of the amount of said accepted offer. In the event that the order also includes services, the customer expressly mandates AROMAT to hire, within the framework of a company rental contract, the servers and auxiliary personnel necessary for the service, and this, under the conditions stipulated in the order. The client declares to exonerate AROMAT from any liability whatsoever within the framework of this mandate and guarantees it against any action which could be brought against it by a member of staff to whom it has been called.

3. PRICE – DEPOSIT – DELAYS: A deposit of 50% of the import of the order is paid no later than six months before the event and the balance, excluding supplements not yet foreseeable, no later than 10 working days before the event. event. The final statement of the event, taking into account any increase, will be notified to the customer within ten (10) working days after the event. The parties expressly agree that an invoice not validly contested within eight (8) days of the date of the invoice, by registered mail, will be considered duly accepted. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, all payments to the company are made in cash. The invoice constitutes formal notice and is payable at the AROMAT headquarters. Any late payment automatically and without prior notice bears late payment interest at the rate of 8% per year, each month started being counted as an entire month. It is further expressly agreed that in the event of non-payment of an invoice when due, the unpaid amounts will be increased by 10% with a minimum of €150 automatically and without prior notice, as lump sum compensation for the damage suffered. Any generally random payment reminder from AROMAT for the purpose of recovering its debt will be billed €25 to the customer for whom this reminder is intended, as a flat-rate contribution to AROMAT’s administrative costs. Failure to pay a single invoice when due gives AROMAT the right to terminate any other contract in progress with the customer and immediately makes payment of any other invoice due. When the customer’s credit deteriorates for one or another reason, AROMAT has the right, even after partial execution of a contract, to demand from said customer the necessary guarantees in order to guarantee the commitments made. Refusal to comply gives AROMAT the right to terminate all or part of the contract at the expense of the customer. No complaint or dispute from the customer authorizes the suspension of payments for the benefit of AROMAT. 4. LIABILITY – LIMITATIONS: AROMAT undertakes to provide the service according to the provisions appearing in the order. AROMAT makes every effort to provide the dishes ordered on time. However, favoring the use of fresh products, the dishes initially planned are likely to vary depending on the market. The same applies in the event of a significant increase in the purchase price of said fresh products. In these situations, AROMAT will offer the customer either to replace the products ordered with comparable products of the same quality, or, in the event of refusal, to bear the additional cost linked to maintaining the fresh products initially making up the planned dishes. AROMAT may release itself from its obligations or suspend their execution if it finds itself unable to assume them due in particular to a case of force majeure (war, riot, demonstrations, strikes, exceptional climatic conditions, disaster affecting the installations of its establishments, etc.) or a decision from a public authority. Any termination by AROMAT of the order will result in the reimbursement of deposits already paid by the customer, to the exclusion of any other compensation. Any case or fact not constituting fault on the part of AROMAT and which could stop, suspend or interrupt the execution of a contract is reserved for it and releases it from any liability towards the customer in the same way as a case of force majeure. Responsibility for the premises that the customer rents, as part of the event, does not in any way fall on AROMAT. Any deterioration of the equipment made available to the customer, whether free of charge or rental, will be the subject of a report brought to the attention of the customer following the event and will result in costs which will be calculated on the value to be paid. new of said equipment.

In accordance with current laws, the event must take place in order under the responsibility of the customer who will be solely responsible for any bodily injury or material damage, whatever it may be, occurring during the execution of the contract. To this end, the customer will take out at his own expense the insurance he deems necessary for this purpose. AROMAT declines all liability whatsoever for damage of any nature affecting the client’s property or belonging to the participants, although this damage results from its unintentional gross or slight negligence, regardless of the place where these goods are moved or stored. . With regard to the specific case of thefts committed during the events, AROMAT declines all responsibility in the event of theft and/or loss of personal effects during the event. In the event that the theft was committed in a locker room, the surveillance of which was expressly entrusted to AROMAT and giving rise to the delivery of a token, the legal provisions regarding civil liability payable by a depositary would then be of application. In any event, AROMAT declines all liability for delays or failure to deliver in the event of difficulty accessing the customer’s premises or insufficient preparation of these premises, and more generally in the event of force majeure or events. beyond his control. 5. TERMINATION: In the event of termination of the contract by the customer, whatever the cause, the latter will not be able to claim the postponement of services to another date and will be liable for the following sums, as irreducible contractual compensation. , less deposits already paid, which will remain with AROMAT: In the event of termination up to four months before the date of the event: only the deposit paid; In the event of termination within four months to one month before the date of the event: 80% of the price of the order, in addition to reimbursement to AROMAT of all costs incurred up to the day of said termination; Any termination made within a period of less than or equal to one month before the date of the event: 100% of the order price. 6. RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT: The possible rental of equipment (crockery, cutlery, etc.) is done under the sole and entire responsibility of the customer who will be required to compensate any loss and damage generally of any nature that may occur to this equipment, even fortuitous. Thus, unless otherwise agreed in writing by AROMAT, any damage caused in particular to the topping (burns, stains, etc.) or to the material will be invoiced to the customer. 7. HYGIENE AND ALLERGEN STANDARDS: AROMAT respects and applies HACCP standards and current legislation. In the event that the delivered product is not consumed upon receipt, the customer will ensure that the required storage conditions are respected. AROMAT will not assume any liability resulting from the poor conservation of the products after delivery. For health reasons, food displayed on the buffets and not consumed will be thrown away. AROMAT declines all responsibility if these foodstuffs should, despite everything, be taken away by the customer and/or their guests, the cold chain being broken. All dishes are made in a workshop using gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphites, lupine and molluscs. AROMAT cannot therefore guarantee the total absence of traces of these different allergens. AROMAT draws the customer’s attention to the potential risks of allergic reactions linked to the consumption of prepared dishes. The client is responsible for relaying this information to the participants invited to the event by him. Any allergic participant who is informed of this risk by the customer is aware of the potential danger linked to the consumption of prepared dishes.

Where applicable, the customer must mention, in writing, on the order form, any known allergies among participants invited to the event by him. AROMAT reserves the right to refuse the distribution of dishes to people at risk or to offer alternative dishes, subject to additional price(s) to be agreed in advance with the customer. 8. PERSONAL INFORMATION: AROMAT strictly complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) which defines, at European level, the new rules relating to the protection of the personal data of European citizens. In general, the customer’s personal data, as entrusted to AROMAT, are confidential and are not transmitted to any third party. They are used exclusively to improve the quality and personalization of the service offered by AROMAT as well as for the formalization of commercial proposals. The customer can always consult his personal data, recorded by AROMAT, by sending a written request to the following Internet address: info@aromate.be. If this data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you are invited to communicate it to AROMAT at the same Internet address. 9. JURISDICTION – APPLICABLE LAW: Any dispute between the customer and AROMAT falls under the jurisdiction, as the case may be, of the Justice of the Peace, the Courts and Tribunals of AROMAT’s headquarters or those of the customer’s headquarters, according to the choice of ‘AROMAT, Belgian law being the only applicable law.